Mind Your Marketing Podcast Episode 131: Challenging the Work-Life Balance Narrative With Angela Earl

Mind Your Marketing (MYM), the podcast where we interview the top CMOs, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers from around the world.

In episode 131 we sit with Angela Earl, VP of Global Marketing at RFPIO, to discuss how she is helping challenge the work-life balance narrative.

“If you’re stressed out, you’re in the tech game, and you’re staring a company, or starting an agency, I think this is going to be something that is valuable to you. On just how to approach your days so you are healthy both mentally and physically. Also, if you’re a leader, this is a great episode about how should we be leading by example about how to integrate work and life.”

— Jordan Scheltgen, Host of MYM Podcast

Listen here.


  • Defining work-life integration and removing the source of the 9-5 guilt
  • How has COVID changed the conversation about work-life balance?
  • What does the new adoption of remote-work mean for integrated living?


In this episode, Angela mentions her chapter in Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most.

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