The Hard Corp Marketing Show Podcast Episode 209: The Gated Content Debate

Gated content is one of the most used ways to gather information about our audience. With the rise of other technologies to gather this information, is it still necessary to have this barrier?

A Marketing Leader, Speaker, Host of the MarTalk Podcast, Top 30 Marketing Tech Experts to Watch, Founder of The High Bar Media, VP of Global Marketing at RFPIO, Angela Earl, debates whether or not content should be gated, with the Author of Marketing Automation Unleashed!

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  • When tracking consumed ungated content, continue to convince the consumers to buy your product by nurturing and educating them on the platform they engaged with.
  • “If you are going to put a barrier between our content and our audience, ask them something I can’t get a hold of. And then let’s use that data to be hyper-relevant or hyper-personalized.” – Angela Earl
  • Content is meant to be engaged with and consumed. Allow your audience to continue their journey in a way that makes sense whether they are ready to buy or not. 
  • Take a look at who has bought from you and what you know about them while starting an Ideal Customer Profile. Learn what you can and then start testing to refine.
  • “The best software feels more like a partnership than a purchase.” – Angela Earl
  • Career advice: Pay more attention to the people in the journey than the journey itself.


Busted Myths:

  • Content does not have to be gated. In today’s business, we have data points, digital footprints, and technology that lets us know when consumers are ready to buy.

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