The Life-Long Customer Podcast Episode 110: Learning from the Good and the Bad

The Life-Long Customer podcast Interviews successful Sales & Marketing leaders, discussing ways in which they are building lifelong relationships with their customers. In this episode, host Brad Hammond interviews Angela Earl, Vice President of Global Marketing at RFPIO. The conversation is focused on how marketing leaders can ingrain customer experience into their strategy, and why customer experience isn’t a fad or jargon, but a mindset that should change everything an organization does.

“My definition of customer experience is it’s the process of putting the customer at the center of what you’re doing very simply. For marketing and marketers, it is ingrained in your marketing strategy and everything you do. It is driving the usage and adoption of your products. It’s in the DNA of how we work day-to-day. It affects brand loyalty. It affects customer retention. It affects bottom-line revenue. The experiences that we create, both good and bad, are some of the largest determinations of customer retention. Many marketers know the data is there. It shows which customers see the value of what you’re selling and are more likely to buy. It’s about acquisition, but it’s also about retention.
That’s what marketing is ultimately doing: it’s creating experiences.”

— Angela Earl, VP Global Marketing, RFPIO Inc.

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